Fungal Treatment


One of the main concerns for the families we serve is fungal growth in the crawl space

Most people are not aware that a large amount of air they are breathing inside the home comes from or passes through the crawl space.

There are thousands of strains of fungal growth in North Carolina and Tennessee. At Crawl Space Brothers, we rarely go into a crawl space that does not have some form of growth. White, yellow, and brown wood-eating fungus are the most common.

To treat the fungal growth, we use an organic, non-harmful, thyme oil-based spray called Benefect Decon 30. This comes highly recommended from our Bio Chemist partner at NC State. We will completely soak each joist in the crawl space (side, bottom, side, subfloor, repeat) — a painstaking yet necessary process. The spray will soak into the porous wood and kill the spores harboring inside. Then we will scrub, vacuum, and wipe down all sections of the wood, leaving it looking like new.

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