Crawl Space Encapsulation


The best long-term solution for your crawl space is a crawl space encapsulation

This solution addresses all areas of concern related to humidity and moisture in the crawl space. An encapsulation essentially means your crawl space is sealed from the ground, walls, outside air, and water intrusion.

When we do an encapsulation, we use a 12-mil fiber reinforced polyethylene vapor barrier that is made here in the USA. We love the 12-mil so much we offer a Transferable Lifetime Warranty on it, if it ever rips, tears, or breaks, we come out and fix it for free!

First, we completely cover the ground with the 12-mil. Then, we run it 6 inches up the wall and fasten it in place. Next, we run it 6 inches up the piers and seal it around them. After this is complete, we will apply a closed-cell spray foam to the interior crawl space walls, overlapping the 12-mil seal and stopping approximately 6 inches below the seal plate where the wood is. This ensures we are code compliant.

Last, we will seal the foundation vents and install a dehumidification system. This is a full encapsulation. It lasts for the life of the home and maximizes the efficiency of your home. Crawl Space Brothers has seen customers with utilities saving as high as 40% post encapsulation. Call us today to learn more!