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Why Santa Fe is a Better Solution!

A good dehumidifier is a must for any homeowner looking to control the relative humidity in their crawlspace. Nashville and Charlotte have one major thing in common: they get really humid! The problem with purchasing an automated air control system from your local Lowes or Home Depot is that the machines they sell simply do not have the power of a Santa Fe dehumidifier! Santa Fe specializes in crawlspaces, just like our company! When looking at the specs, the choice becomes simple.

  • All Santa Fe dehumidifiers come with an unbelievable SIX-year warranty

  • A built-in humidistat ensures that it will run efficiently

  • The Merv 13 filter provides better air filtration than any other competitors’

  • There are varied grades of power for different sized crawlspaces

  • They are no louder than a ceiling fan

We have a great relationship with Santa Fe and want to pass on the quality they provide to you!

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