Crawl space encapsulation provides huge benefits to you and your home!

Taking a crawl space from the dark/damp/nasty place that it is and giving it a full encapsulation can be quite the process! However, this can provide many HUGE benefits to your home. There are many more, but here are four of the great benefits you can receive from a full encapsulation!

1 Your dehumidifier runs more efficiently! When there isn’t any air leaking from around the edges or coming in from outside, the power of the dehumidifier is really put to good use. The air will be mechanically controlled without having to worry about excess humidity seeping in, causing the machine to have to work less efficiently!

2 HVAC works less, and energy bills are lowered! The air that comes in from the outside causes your HVAC to work harder in order to displace all of the foreign air. When warming your house, the air rises throughout, causing pressure to build up along the foundation. This pressure sucks in unwanted cool air during the winter (or warm air during summer), causing outside air to get sucked in. The energy savings created by properly insulating and sealing the crawlspace can be as high as 50%!

3 Less bugs! Bugs and vermin love the crawlspace. Between its dark corners and damp floors, insects use the crawlspace as their own personal living space. By sealing off the whole area and controlling the air, bugs find it not nearly as hospital and don’t use it as an avenue to access the living space of your home!

4 A clean space that can be entered frequently or used for storage! Crawlspaces that are fully encapsulated look GREAT! With white poly and well-conditioned air, the crawlspace can become a place where you put excess storage from your attic or garage without any worry. Traveling down into the crawlspace isn’t nearly as hard or gross as it was before!

This is only a few of the many great benefits of a full encapsulation. Schedule your free inspection today.

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